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The Simpsons : Hit & Run PS2 PAL MULTI5 [MEGAUPLOAD]

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It’s been over 14 years now since the weekly television debut of The Simpsons, and over that period of time, more than a dozen video games have carried the license of the seemingly inviolable Simpsons franchise. However, with perhaps the sole exception of Konami’s 1991 arcade action game, The Simpsons, none of these games have ever managed to really capture the sharp humor and unique personalities of the Springfield universe, and none have really even proved to be much in the way of fun either. Thankfully, this trend has finally come to a close. The latest title to use the Simpsons name is The Simpsons: Hit & Run, an action adventure game that borrows heavily from the gameplay style and design of the recent entries in the Grand Theft Auto series and, in so doing, finally manages to bring the world of the Simpsons to life with proper justice.

The story of The Simpsons: Hit & Run is perhaps a bit convoluted in its design but seemingly in an intentional way. At the beginning of the game, Springfield is being overrun by mechanized bees, mysterious black vans and cars, and an insidious cola that is controlling the minds of the city’s residents. In the game, you’ll take control of the four core Simpsons family members (Homer, Bart, Lisa, and Marge) as well as resident Kwik-E-Mart proprietor, Apu, to investigate the origins of and motives for all these strange happenings.
As the game follows the same structure as the GTA entries, much of Hit & Run involves a linear series of missions, with a number of exploration elements to boot. The game uses a basic level structure, with seven total levels, each with seven primary missions. Each level in the game is assigned to one specific character. There’s one for Lisa, Marge, and Apu, while Bart and Homer get two apiece. Missions are assigned by interactions with the city’s various characters. They generally involve collecting and delivering items to other people or locations, racing other characters, and even getting into full-on car combat situations. In actuality, practically every mission in the game is a direct clone of one of the GTA driving missions. However, the lack of originality in the game’s mission structuring is more than made up for by the decisively original style of Simpsons humor. The end result is actually very fun.

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  • Type: Mission-based Driving
  • Language:
  •  Players: 1-2
  • Release: 16/09/2003
    • Hosting: Megaupload
  • Format : ISO
  • Files number: 3
  • Parts Size: 1.09 GB
  • Size after decompression: 2 GB 

  • Tested with:  PAL

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