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Praetorians is an epic 3-D troop-based strategy game set amid the political machinations of an emerging Roman Empire. Gamers will be transported back to the dusty battlefields of Egypt, the combat theatres of Gaul and finally to the heart of the Empire itself, Italy in the crusade to become Emperor. Your quest will be no easy task as the Empire is heavily defended by thousands of different troop types and war machines, all with special skills and individual strengths. The road to becoming Emperor depends on strategy! You must learn to combine your units and exploit the weakness of the enemy, but as you get closer to the Emperor things become even more difficult as you must face his personal guard, the most powerful and deadly fighting force in the Empire… The Praetorian Guard!

P3 500 or equivalent
128 MB RAM (Win 98/ME)
256 MB RAM (Win 2k/XP)
16 MB Graphics card (DirectX 8 compatible)
Desktop display at 1024 x 768 Resolution
600 MB free Hard Drive space

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