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Most buildings in the game generate walkers that roam the city, with the most part of the game being related with the effects of such walkers and their effects on the city. There are two main types of characters, walkers with a destination or roamers, both of them being NPC. Walkers with a destination are generated at one point of the city and take the most direct road to another one. The most common destination walker is the delivery man, who takes goods and products from a place to another. Roam walkers are generated by a building and roam around the city following the roads laid by the player. Usually the purpose of those characters is to have an effect over the housing plots or buildings or housing plots and buildings they pass by. The player may prevent roam walkers from going by a certain road by using roadblocks (which do not stop walkers with a destination, nor remove the road itself).
A few characters can have negative effects over the city, such as thieves or diseased people. Some animals may attack the walkers as well. There are also buildings that show people inside it, but only for animation purposes.
Soldiers are the only characters that the player can control directly, and even so they can only be moved as whole formations, not individually.

Windows 95/98
200 MHz Processor
360 MB free space
4X CD-ROM Drive
1 MB video card

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