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Pathologic is a unique example of a dramatic game, which directly affects the player�s state of mind. �In the depths of the Ancient Steppe appeared a weird town. Once a small drover settlement scattered around the monstrous Abattoir, it unexpectedly developed into a mysterious, isolated establishment with an odd social structure. This odd society has managed to survive for several generations. It could have continued to aspire, were it not for a sudden outbreak of some enigmatic, lethal and inescapable disease, which begins to mercilessly slaughter the denizens inhabiting the area. Even science has proven helpless in finding a cure, or at least providing some explanation.

Game Features:
  • A bizarre combination of first-person game, role-playing features, non-linear plot and real time flow
  • The town has a life of its own, it constantly changes and adequately reacts to the player�s behaviour and random circumstances
  • Well-balanced proportion of random factors and pre-arranged events
  • Original enemy concept � omnipresent, omniscient, invisible infection
  • 3 unique campaigns, several endings
  • Original graphic concept and photorealistic portraits of NPCs
  • A complicated system of context-sensitive music arrangement. Artistic sound direction
  • A large variety of individual survival and resource-hunting strategies under the resource hunger conditions
  • 3 heroes act independently: when one chosen, the two rejected heroes act on their own, plotting against the player
  • Facial animation of the in-game characters powered by LifeStudio:HEAD technology by LifeMode Interactive, Corp

System requirements:

  • OS Windows 98/Windows ME/Windows 2000/Windows XP
  • Processor Pentium III 1000 MHz
  • Memory 256 MB RAM
  • Video nVidia GeForce 2 / ATI Radeon 7500
  • Free Space 2 GB
  • Sound DirectX 9.0c compatible

Release name: Pathologic-PROCYON
Size: 2 CD, 1.34 GB, 50?15 47?5 MB
Genre: Adventure
Protection: none
File names: pro-pathb

Reviews, info: GameSpot, 3DGamers
Homepage: here
Developer, distributor: Ice-pick Lodge, Buka Entertainment Company,
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