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MegaMan X8

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Save humanity! Megaman needs you.

Listen up, partner. Megaman and his pals, Axl and Zero are calling for your help. The evil cyborg Sigma wants to destroy the world. He must be defeated. Megaman must prevail. Join the battle!

- Battle of killer robots, gigantic bosses and the ultimate half-man half-machine, Sigma. Will to survive, to his Megaman Lasers? With you in control, friend, he might!

- Double Hero System – pick just two heroes for each stage. Have you picked the right pair to win through? Megaman has an extra armor. Zero has a new weapon. And Axl unique shot of the devastating new hover.

- Fiercest Fighting ever. Megaman needs all your skills and speed to tackle nine stages gigantic. Unlock the bonus stage with Megaman Command Mission Command.

- Pick up the metal `s Powers points to boost Megaman. Find them all to unlock Black Zero!

- New navi-help guides and mega-mech suits your humanity `s fight for survival.

Operating System: Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP
Processor: Intel Pentium III – 1GHz
Memory: 128MB RAM
HDD: 1.0GB free space

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