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Dune 3 Emperor Battle for Dune

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In 1992, many of us have witnessed the birth of a new type of game. Masters of science fiction writer Frank Herbert’s Dune called novel was turned into computer games and Real Time Strategy (RTS in the rest of the article will be called) led to the birth of its kind. Westwood likes this type, and then he has dedicated himself RTS’ye consecutive successful RTS games began to take off from each other (see Command & Conquer, Red Alert). With the development of technology, and now fully 3D, prepared as Emperor: Battle for Dune around us and against.

Dune what is this?

Dune, Frank Herbert had written, consisting of six volumes in the past and have come up for sale is a science fiction novel (more than 12 million sold). The book was later translated into movies and series as well, but did not see the expected interest.

Dune, all the houses (I’ll explain later) trying to take control of a planet that is. The entire planet is composed of desert and water is worth gold. At the same time under the sand are Hulud’lar Sheikh giant sand monsters. At first glance, they want to ask why this kind of a planet. This is because the article in the sand is the Spice. This article is so strong that, had it at all have the power to govern the universe. Leave their homes and therefore their own planet Arrakis to have this matter (Dune), a came.

Operating System: Windows 95/98/ME/2000
CPU: Pentium II 400 MHz
DirectX 7.0
Video Card: 16 MB
HDD: 600 MB

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