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Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 PS2 CD PAL [MEGAUPLOAD]

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A little less than a year ago, Acclaim was the first to stake out BMX territory on the PlayStation with Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX. Nine months later, a “remixed” version of the game was released, containing new levels and a smoothed-out trick system. Now, Acclaim and Z-Axis have claimed the first PlayStation 2 BMX game with Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2. The jump to next-gen hardware has been good to the game in many respects, but the control problems that have haunted the last two games are still present, and a few new ones have cropped up to boot.
Not straying from the script established in the first game, the focus lies in the career mode, where you take a pro BMX rider through the game’s eight levels, completing a variety of level challenges along the way. The basic goals remain essentially unchanged, with the standard high-score, long-grind, and big-air challenges making a return. Beating Tony Hawk 3 to the punch, each level is populated with other pro BMX riders, who will lay down the level’s more difficult challenges, most of which consist of executing tricks on specific items in the level. This character interaction helps to further immerse you in the level, but the challenges existed in the last two iterations of Dave Mirra, and the other riders essentially serve as window dressing here. You’ll also find a variety of motorized vehicles rolling around the levels, each of them a grinding opportunity. 
The two-player modes have been expanded on greatly, now offering 13 different game types, such as a high-score challenge, a H-O-R-S-E variant, and a wipeout mode where players try to pull off the nastiest, most painful bail possible. The game also includes a hefty level editor, comparable to the one found in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. You’re given a choice of several level themes, a large open space, and a boatload of objects with which to design your level. Using the Dual Shock 2 to design levels can be a bit clunky, but that won’t stop those determined to design their dream BMX track.
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  • Type: Biking
  • Language:  
  •  Players: 1-2
  • Release: 21/08/2001
    • Hosting: Megaupload
  • Format : ISO
  • Files number: 1
  • Parts Size: 498 MB

  • Size after decompression: 700 MB 

  • Tested with:  PAL

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