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Championship Manager 2008

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Eidos’ Championship Manager series is now brought into a classic with a large audience. The system being friendly, fun nature of the game and certainly the most important advantage of this type of professional approach. Speaking of Entertainment series asinalari know very well, it really is very enjoyable to watch the little guys doing the match. In fact, just because so many of us have made this game addictive. So far, pretty good but I can not omit mentioning the 2007 version. Championship Manager 2007 is certainly among you (CM) has played the series fanlarindan. How else upset. The problem with many strategy, anlasilasi difficult sound effects, movements and countless absurd defense of the game had many disadvantages. A peep into the next game has caused an error in this release, hesitantly. Because such a ?uvallamisti Eidos that even fans of the series looking at the game with fear. Fortunately, this fear defeat at the end I convinced myself to take the game. Let’s see what the situation in series with 2008 version

For PC: 1.5GHz processor
256MB RAM for XP / Vista 512MB RAM
500MB free HDD space
64MB graphics card DirectX 9 support

For Mac: Mac OS X 10.3.9 system
PowerPC or Intel processor
256MB memory
64MB GeForce 2MX or Radeon 9200 graphics card
400MB of free space

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