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Bujingai : Swordmaster PS2 PAL MULTI5 [MEGAUPLOAD]

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To celebrate its fiftieth anniversary, Taito has obviously not looked at the expenditure. History to mark the spot, the legendary creator of Space Invaders was surrounded by big names in all areas to create a great action game show, beginning with Gackt, a very popular Japanese artist whose androgynous physical fact swoon Japan’s youth. Backed by big names in Japanese animation, dubbing the famous and renowned studio (Red Entertainment) Bujingai: Swordmaster then left on solid ground. But after the mishap Gungrave the same studio, a title which also collected the prestigious labels, it is a little wary of the wolf. Modeled for the cause, Gackt became Lau Wong Yu, a master swordsman super nice kid can handle two swords legendary Ryugat? and Tenreiken like no other. But despite his physique, our bully does not have time to multiply the gains. Indeed, a dark threat facing the planet in this century XXII not very disco, and even more apocalyptic if one believes in the streets not heavily populated. Lei Shen-Long, longtime rival Lau, decided to lead to an asteroid to crash on Earth. Fortunately, Lau can count on the support of his master, Takehito, and his extraordinary ability to track overpowering his opponent. Blessed with many references to Chinese culture in nursing aesthetics typed Japanese animation, Bujingai readily distinguished by its unique graphic style, punctuated by cutscenes and many fairly successful. It remained to see if the game was at the height of these clothes.
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  • Type: Action
  • Language: 
  •  Players: 1-2
  • Release: 29/09/2004
    • Hosting: Megaupload
  • Format : ISO
  • Files number: 7
  • Parts Size: 3.08 GB

  • Size after decompression: 4.1 GB 

  • Tested with:  PAL

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